Below you will find images from various commissions: The Albuquerque Zoo and Botanical Gardens, The Range Cafes, private homes and businesses.

Albuquerque Botanic Gardens         Dragonfly Sanctuary       Detail



Placitas, NM Home



Detail of 50′ Kitchen Backsplash        Private Home, Albuquerque

Autumn Guinea Hens


Guinea Hens    Albuquerque Private Home


Albuquerque Zoo Wall       Detail




Albuquerque Zoo        Blue Iguana Detail



Albuquerque Private Home Outdoor Fireplace

GlobalquerqueHouse of Song


Globalquerque Music Festival Poster


Norman Oklahoma Arts Council      Lion’s Park



barkdoll left and middle good mm blk
Detail of living room mural       Private Home

Range Cafe Fireplace Bernalillo
The Range Cafe,  Bernalillo    Fireplace

Taos B&B Fireplace


Norman, OK Mural         Details

Private Home Corrales, N.M.

Rust Medical Center

The Range Cafe, Alameda      Detail

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